Ordinance, Decision, Directive

  1. Decision on Establishment of Battambang RTC Khmer English
  2. Decision on Establishment of Stung Treng RTC (Illegible) Khmer
  3. Ordinance on Organizing Quarantine Team Khmer
  4. Directive on Issuing ID card for Health Personnel Civil Servants Khmer
  5. Declaration of Royal Government on Reform of Public Administration Khmer English
  6. Decision on Authorization of Drug Distribution by car to Cities and Provinces in Cambodia Khmer
  7. Directive on Strengthening of Health Civil Servant Management Khmer English
  8. Directive on Establishing Provincial-Capital Committee for Communicable Disease Control Khmer
  9. Communiqué to Person-in-charge of Drug Store Khmer
  10. Communiqué on Medical Waste Management Khmer
  11. Roles of nursing managers at national and regional level Khmer English
  12. Decision of Royal Government on the Establishment of Committee for Eliminating Counterfeit Medicines, and Illegal Health Services for Poverty Reduction Khmer English