Royal Decree

  1. Royal Decree on Common Principles of Arrangement of Public Functioning Khmer
  2. Royal decree on establishing Medical Council Khmer English
  3. Royal Decree on Basic Salary and Subsidy of Civil Servant Khmer
  4. Royal Decree on Exceptional Criteria for High Health Officers Khmer English
  5. Royal Decree on Exceptional Criteria for Secondary Health Officers Khmer English
  6. Royal Decree on Exceptional Criteria for Primary Health Officer Cadre Khmer
  7. Royal Decree on Grouping Officers based on Qualification and Professional Training Khmer English
  8. Royal decree on Accreditation of higher education Khmer English
  9. Royal Decree on Health Logo, Officer insigna and Uniform for High and Secondary Officer Cadres Khmer
  10. Royal Decree on Establishing Cambodian Dental Council Khmer English
  11. Royal Decree on Changing the Name of Hospital from “Preah Norodom Sihanouk” to Referral Khmerer-Soviet Hospital” Khmer
  12. Royal decree on establishing Midwifery Council Khmer English
  13. Royal Decree on Amendment of Article 7 and 9 on Exceptional Criteria for Health Secondary Officer Cadre Khmer English
  14. Royal decree on establishing Cambodian Council of Nurses Khmer English
  15. Royal Decree on Establishment of Pharmacist Council of Cambodia Khmer English