1. Circular on identifying the Leadership and management work in the field of health Khmer English
  2. Circular on Decision Making Jurisdiction of Heads of Ministries-Institutions Khmer English
  3. Circular on Selection and Appointment of Civil Servant Khmer English
  4. Circular on Using Ambulance Khmer
  5. Circular on Quality and Safety Control Measures on Products, Good, Food which contain chemical Compounds Khmer
  6. Directive Circular On Hygiene Conditions of Food Stores–Restaurants Khmer English
  7. Directive Circular of Minster of Health on Increase in incentive to midwives by increasing the allowance for midwives who provide a service of assisting live births Khmer English
  8. Directive Circular on the Use of Ambulance’s Logo Khmer English
  9. Directive Circular on
    Treatment Fee at Private Medical, Paramedical and Medical Aid Services Khmer English