DG for Health

Directorate General for Health supervises eight departments with different roles and responsibilities: Department of Planning and Health Information (DPHI), Department of Health Prevention (DHP), Department of Hospital Services (DHS), Department of Human Resource (DHR), Department of Essential Drug and Food (DDF), Department of Communicable Disease Control (DCD), Department of International Cooperation (DIC) and Department of Internal Audit (DIA). Under supervision of Director General and one or more Deputy Director General(s), Directorate General for Health has its roles and responsibility as below:

  • Prepare and set to implement the health policies and strategies in order to assist organizations to have quality in both prevention and care of diseases to promote the health of general people.
  • Coordinate with public and private health organizations.
  • Manage all national health programs.
  • Lead and manage all public health organizations.
  • Prepare health development plans by skill and technical.
  • Communicate and coordinate with international aid to improve the health sector.
  • Food safety management.

Directorate of General Health has an international relation bureau to work on programming and organizing of technical assistances such as:

      • Finance aid finding.
      • Coordinate with bilateral, multilateral and international assistant activities.
      • Monitor the missions of experts and advisors.
      • Communicate with regional and international organizations.